Cole Lyons Media Group
Cole Lyons Media Group is the name of the online Portfolio Website and Web Development Company run by Cole Lyons, of Raleigh North Carolina. Cole Lyons Media Group is a "Subsidiary" Of Carolina Computer Company. 
Cole Lyons is a French-American Software Engineer, Academic, and Professional Photographer. Born in Costal Maine, Cole Lyons had many Small business ventures involving technology and his Famous High School business "C&S Pencils And Supplies" Which was a pet project by him and his Friend to distribute Pencils and other School Supplies to Teachers, The School in General, and Other youths. Their Stock pile had gotten so large that the teachers confiscated most of their supply, ruining their business. Cole went on to pursue the more lucrative Computer Business which lead him to Get his Certificate From Duke University, Professional Certificate From Harvard University, Associates of Science from Wake Tech, and his Future plan of Getting his Masters Of Business From Columbia.  
This page was founded by cole lyons to showcase the beauty of Urbanism, Urban Design, Urban Culture, Urban Transit, and Urban Architecture. CLM's main focus is to showcase the city of Raleigh North Carolina, and to popularize the city, not among outsiders, but among its own residents. 
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